One of the most commonly heard ailments are all kinds of pains. They manifest themselves at every possible occasion, social gatherings, work or practicing even the lightest physical activity. Knee, back, shoulders, elbows and feet appear among the numerous points of pressure and swelling.

It turns out that even a short walk, going to the market, running up to the bus are a real problem for us. Then comes shortness of breath caused by poor condition and we lose our sense of balance. The bony labyrinth, not used to sudden changes in height and orientation, causes further complications. How to reduce stress associated with the simplest activities of the day, restore harmony of the hormonal economy, reduce pain and stabilize the natural action of the bony labyrinth?

Acusteps therapeutic insoles are the answer to these inseparable ailments. Their operation is based on a combination of holistic technology with magnetotherapy. The product successfully conquers more European markets, thanks to which it freed many people who had chronic nightmares from frustration and helplessness.

What is Acusteps?

As if one would like to have the answer in one sentence: Acusteps is a holistic shoe insole system that uses magnetotherapy, which reacts to the receptors of the human body, instantly relieves pain, improves circulation and also increases the regenerative capacity of the body. The systematic use of this product enhances the body’s natural wellness. The effect of this action is to improve the comfort of life, perfect the reduction of chronic pain, be it spine, knees or shoulders, as well as excellent prevention of popular heart disease.

Why should you replace your usual insoles with Acusteps? The answer is quite obvious. Their proper profiling causes not only protection and comfort of walking, but above all has therapeutic effect. Acusteps insoles generate a magnetic field with a power of 950 (small version) to as much as 1500 gauss (large version). The energy produced is so high that in over 85% of cases it reduces rheumatic pains, chronic pains and fresh swelling and swelling of the lower limbs in less than 70 minutes from the time of application.

Therapeutic Acusteps insoles in their simplicity outweigh the rest of competing products. Placed in the sole of the shoe, they have the direct possibility of using Earth’s polarization based on the transmission of neutrons of opposite poles. This process is so noticeable as swallowing a perfect anti-inflammatory table to ease the stabbing pain. Acusteps in one sentence: it brings relief naturally!

Effective, holistic relief of pain

To get to know and convince to the product technology used, from an objective point of view one would have to learn the principle of its operation.

What is the holistic principle of operation?
Holistic medicine is an idea of action based on one leading thought. It is namely the influence of the entire human body on its ability to act and mental mood. This means that according to the holistic assumptions of preventing ailments, care should be taken and regenerate the whole body, not just its sick organs.

The operation of Acusteps magnetic insoles

It’s good to know what determines the basic difference between Acusteps and ordinary shoe insoles. The very construction based on high-quality synthetic materials results in a very long product life and flexibility.

Their profiling is perfect for any foot in the 37-50 size range. Available options in the form of 970 and 1500 gauss are suited to smaller sizes of women and men, or people who have been suffering from pain for several years.

The receptors of most organs are located on the feet of each of us – including the upper body parts. The table below illustrates what ailments Acusteps insoles can affect:

Location of receptorsType of ailment
Rear of foot (heel)Backache, pressure on the vertebrae
Metatarsus undersideBalance problems, knee and elbow pain
Upper foot (toe lift)Shoulder pain, rheumatic pains, myalgia

3- phase stages of getting rid of pain

The lower part of the human foot is a series of receptors receiving stimuli, arranged in such a way as to allow the fastest possible signal / energy flow from the ground. This naturally adapted defense quickly informs us about pain, obstacles on the road, degeneration of other parts of the body, or circulation problems, thanks to which we are able to react appropriately. In the event of a circulatory disorder, we can sit, and walk over the protruding branches we will manage to take a long step with our foot to avoid falling.

It is this natural effect on the body that scientists developing the Acusteps magnetic field have decided to use. These insoles use the basics of magnetotherapy, which successfully eliminates rheumatic pains in all Far Eastern medicine. The main goal of Acusteps is the possibility of restoring the body’s regenerative capacity. The insoles, acting directly on the receiving receptors, penetrate the internal layers of the skin. The body regains its self-healing capabilities, and its self-regenerative abilities are increased.

This process takes place in 3 very easy to visualize stages:

  • Stage 1: correct placement of the insole, pressure on the receptors of the inner part of the foot and creating a magnetic field. Improved blood circulation in the veins, thanks to which the sensation of pain spreads faster and doesn’t cause pressure on individual cells. The micro-vibrations produced by polarizing the magnetic field enhances the body’s self-regenerating abilities.
  • Stage 2: inhibiting the formation of inflammation, and eliminating the ailments associated with previous ones. In the second phase, Acusteps insoles have a significant impact on wound healing and swelling. This is the most important phase. The field generated by the power of over 1,500 gausses is an effective prevention of relapse of migraine pain. Rheumatic pains, joint pains, muscle and vertebral pressure as well as internal swelling are reduced at this stage by up to 80%.
  • Stage 3: the so-called. expression phase. The action of the magnetic field penetrates the upper layer of the skin, deeply to the cellular level. The result is complete elimination of rheumatoid and arthritic problems. Chronic pain disappears forever. At this level, the prophylactic effect of insoles begins. They prevent further inflammation, degeneration and body asymmetry. There is a noticeable improvement in movement dynamics, muscle stabilization and a better sense of balance without stabbing pain.

Effects of using Acusteps

The effectiveness of therapeutic insoles begins with each subsequent step taken. During contact with the ground, the receptors press on the magnetic protrusions on the foot, thus initiating the action of the magnetic field. The nerve endings of the inside of the foot, stimulated by means of an automatic massage, give stimuli to the whole body. What effects can we expect?

  • pain relief around large skeletal areas (spine, pelvis, knees, shoulders)
  • sharpening and improving sensations
  • boosting metabolism
  • posture improvement, correct posture adjustment when walking and sitting
  • better blood supply, vasodilation
  • adding vitality / feeling better

Acusteps is clearly an excellent alternative to severe surgery. This is not only an innovative method of getting rid of ailments, but also a natural prevention against subsequent degenerations or ailments.

By following the product manufacturer’s recommendations, effects should be visible after the first application. The use of insoles should be convenient and comfortable. By effectively stimulating the most important nerve endings, you can feel a very mundane solution to problems like back pain relief, no migraine relapses, or the ease of digesting even junk food.

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Where did the idea for the technology of Acusteps come from?

The originator of pioneering magnetic insoles comes from Japan. He is a physics expert who, fascinated by alternative medicine for years, opened a magnetotherapy cabinet at the foot of the Fuji mountains. Over the years, he proved to other troubled people that practically every ailment can be overcome by using a sufficiently strong magnetic field.

However, before releasing the final version of therapeutic insoles to the public market, Acusteps faced a challenge. He decided to create a commercial product which operation would be higher than 95% efficiency. Such a highly selected threshold can only be compared to invasive body interventions or specialized pharmaceuticals. So, what was the test and what were its effects?

Through the internet, he gathered a group of 100 who, according to certain rules, were to match modern insoles for themselves. Each person, according to the information contained in the survey, was supposed to have chronic back, shoulder, elbow, knee, muscle pain or other ailments closely related to everyday discomfort.

The research effects were at least revolutionary. The table below presents the level of pain perception before and after treatment with Acusteps. The pain subsided as planned in 96% of the control group, and the average feeling decreased by over 87%.

Group / durationBefore treatment (pt.)After treatment (pt.)
Young group (19-26)9.21,8
Medium group (27-40)9,72,4
Advanced group (41-65 +)8,61,1

(pain both before and after treatment was measured at specially defined points on a scale of 1 to 10).

Recommendations for the use of holistic shoe insoles

„Correct body posture during daily activities is essential, both sitting and standing. Acustepsforces the correct position naturally. In addition, the insoles eliminate 100% incorrect foot pressure and are safe for health. They are recommended by specialists from all over Europe and me.” – Anna, rehabilitation specialist


„it has long been known that the action of a near-natural magnetic field is best at boosting human metabolism. This is difficult to achieve because either these systems are expensive or ineffective. I have tried Acusteps insoles with my clients several times. Each of them noted excellent results in both the metabolism and weight loss studies. From now on it is an inseparable element of my slimming treatments.” – Kamil – nutritionist

and a personal trainer from Warsaw also commented:

Every first Tuesday of the month we attend a meeting with people from the industry from around the city. We share unconventional solutions, news from alternative medicine as well as products that have proven themselves during various therapies. One such meeting was the speech of a professor at the University of California who recommended the use of polar polarization and the Earth’s magnetic field. Less than a month later, someone introduced Acusteps. It turned out to be a hit that literally improved everything! Better regeneration, faster recovery, improved balance and better well-being are just a fraction of the results obtained from the survey. Starting each subsequent training plan involves my recommendation of Acusteps insoles. – Krzysztof

Reviews on Acusteps

Promagnetin recommendation

„I started using the first therapeutic insoles about half a year ago. Unfortunately, they were only some plastic, very poor-quality insoles that only hurt my feet. However, I didn’t give up this kind of solution. Less than a month ago I read about a modern solution being in clinical tests, in the form of magnetic insoles for shoes. I didn’t know the name yet, but I started to follow the topic. As it turned out, they were Acusteps insoles. I bought the packaging from the test line without hesitation. Already after the second day of continuous use, I knew that this was the solution to my back problems. In addition, they massage the foot nicely. Currently, I can’t imagine wearing ordinary shoes with standard insoles. I walk smiling, more and more often I put on my longed-for high heels, my back doesn’t hurt, my knees don’t hurt! Bunions do not seem to bother me anymore, and I lost 3 kilograms. I recommend with all my heart”. – writes Katarzyna H. on the medical forum

after which a few posts below we can again see more opinions about Acusteps… this time from the male point of view:

reviews about product

„In addition to invasive surgical procedures on the market, we don’t have many opportunities to fight pain or degeneration of the joints. From the end of high school, I have a lot of ailments, be it scoliosis or the popularly called knee necrosis or the most common rheumatic pains. For all kinds of ointments, creams or expensive drugs, the only alternative are visits to the physiotherapist, specialized rehabilitation or strict diets combined with corrective exercises. The latter are very ineffective if they give any effect, it is short-lived. Luckily, I found about Acusteps. During a massage at one of the SPA resorts abroad, one of the masseurs recommended them to me. Since I put them in my sports shoes, I have them. Since then, no physical activity has caused me major problems, I gave up additional rehabilitation classes, I do not have to use painkillers and I feel much lighter and more pleasant. I don’t even try to think about ever getting them out of my sneakers.” – Eugene 55

Acusteps – information, where to buy – pharmacy, store?

By putting all the pros and cons together, it turns out that no such pro-health product has deserved such a great deal of trust as Acusteps. Innovative, three-phase operation guarantees immediate effects. A big plus is the fact that the therapeutic insoles action is as close as possible to the natural, but they are made entirely of vegan components.

Summing up the above arguments, recommendations and opinions of ordinary customers with full responsibility it can be said that Acusteps are insoles that deserve the highest trust. Their effectiveness and efficiency are confirmed by the greatest authorities of orthopedics. Scientists agree that it is a universal way to get rid of pain completely. So where to buy the original packaging? Scroll down and use the link below.

eBay, allegro?
Unfortunately, these are not official Acusteps sales channels. There is also no unique offer that will save you by buying through the aforementioned portals. You can buy Acusteps only through the official website, the link to which you will find at the end of this paragraph.

product blogs, discussion forums
The manufacturer does not perform so-called word of mouth marketing. This is a very popular practice in the 21st century. Unaware customer reads another themed blog about weight loss to learn about the greatness of the product. Acusteps are magnetic insoles which recommendations can only be found in independent sources and sales channels. Buy the product only from the manufacturer’s official website using the link below. Any other type of persuasion can result in a failed purchase, attempted fraud or purchase of the product at a much higher price.

The official sales channel of magnetic insoles Acusteps has a new promotion for its customers. It includes a triple satisfaction guarantee when joining a rebate club, and free delivery. Are you interested? Do not wait, because the promotion is limited in time and quantity to the first 1000 packages.

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Frequently asked questions – Acusteps

Where can I find a size chart? I have a fairly large foot and I would like to adjust the insoles individually.
There is no such thing as a size chart. Acusteps insoles can be customized to suit / cut to any foot. People with extremely large foot sizes can be a problem. (size over 50 according to the European scale. You will successfully adapt therapeutic Acusteps insoles in every other case. A special instruction manual is attached to the packaging with the product, describing how to individually adjust the insole without interfering with its source of action.

How will I feel that Acusteps insoles work?
If you are troubled by chronic pain and daily discomfort, spend sleepless nights, after the first use you will know that Acusteps has contributed to getting rid of your troubles. Insoles bring a relief after only 20 minutes of use. Customers describe this stage as leveling the load or sudden relief. It is hard to describe the effect obtained from the effects of magnetotherapy. The process of reducing perceived pain is gradual and in retrospect its effects can be seen. Use Acusteps regularly and get used to the comfortable life as before.

What are the biggest advantages of Acusteps ? For what ailments these insoles will help?
Acusteps are hypoallergenic insoles that are 100% safe for health. Their innovative action is imperceptible during daily duties and activities. The biggest advantage of the insoles is the fact that you have to wait for the first effects only 10 minutes from start of treatment. Insoles reduce the perception of pain by up to 93%. The correct use of therapeutic insoles improves the comfort of life, adds vitality and also positively affects our well-being, eliminating all kinds of annoying joint, muscle and other pains.

Is it possible to purchase Acusteps therapeutic insoles stationary?
No, at the moment the purchase of insoles is possible only through the Internet channel. This has a significant impact on its price, thanks to which the insoles without much expenditure in the form of storage, transport and marketing are still affordable.

I have imbalances very often. Is the use of insoles in this case recommended?
There may be many reasons for the imbalance. The most common are caused by a disorder of the immune system or bone labyrinth disorders. The first insoles act directly to improve circulation of the lower limbs. The second one, although difficult to diagnose and eliminate, requires a longer period of time. Acusteps doesn’t directly affect the unnatural operation of the labyrinth but restores the harmony of work of all body systems. Over time, any kind of uncertainty, upsetting or imbalance should go away.

Acusteps product leaflet

If you want to read the information on the Acusteps therapeutic insoles leaflet, look inside the package.

Contraindications for using Acusteps insoles

The Acusteps special health product is not intended for: pregnant or breastfeeding women, all persons, regardless of gender, age, who have a pacemaker. The manufacturer makes no recommendations for people who wear any kind of hearing or speech apparatus. If you are disabled / handicapped, you must seek the advice of a specialist to get permission to use Acusteps.

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